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October New Moon News

“Psychodrama can be seen as a bridge between shamanism and psychotherapy…Moreno’s life and work embodied a confluence of magic, science and religion.”

R.J. Landy in “Drama Therapy: Concepts, theories and practice 1986 
(note: J.L. Moreno was the creator/founder of psychodrama)

Back in 2015, when I was working towards some sort of integration of my ways of being in the world (professionally and personally), I wrote an article for the Australia Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA)’s annual journal, called “Psychodrama: Descendant of the Shamans.”

It was the story of my Vision Quest with the School of Shamanic Womancraft (now called Wilderness Solo-a solo journey of 3 days and 3 nights being on the land and with myself). 

What interests me now, is that I wrote it 6 years ago and the journey that I have travelled since then has been a further and further integration of the two ways of being.

The Attitude of a Warrior
Psychodrama is described as the Theatre of Truth. And “to shamanically heal, one must take on the attitude of a warrior, a warrior for Truth, who faces challenge and is willing to do what is right, rather than what is comfortable.” – (Brighid’s Healing- Ireland’s Celtic medicine traditions by G.McGarry).

Drama of the Soul
Psychodrama has been described as the Drama of the Soul. “On the psychodrama stage everything has soul and spirit. On the magical psychodrama stage we do not separate realities. Psyche and materia are the same thing – everything comes alive.” – (Psychodrama, Surplus Reality and the art of healing” by Moreno, , Blomkvist and Rutzel, 2000)

The Integration of Psychodrama and Shamanism
I am a working and living integration of psychodrama and shamanism, and I continue to be called by Moreno’s words:

“There is…A first universe which contains all beings and in which all events are sacred. I liked that enchanting realm and did not plan to leave it, ever.” 
‘The Theatre of Spontaneity’ by J.L.Moreno 1983

…And everything always remains “All about Relationship!”

September New Moon Newsletter

Women’s Circle of Reflection and Connection Circle


Extra Evening Sessions Added
Every Tuesday @ 7.30pm (AEST)

I have had a few requests for the Reflect and Connect Circle to be held day or evening, so I have added in a Circle at 7.30pm on Tuesday nights commencing 14th September.

These circles are for 45 minutes and focus on a reading which is sent out 3-4 days prior to Circle, followed by a sharing Circle.

We will do the readings that we have completed in the Wednesday morning circle, including:

  • Courting the Wild Twin – by Martin Shaw;
  • If Women Rose Rooted – by Sharon Blackie 
  • Burning Woman –  by Lucy H Pearce
  • Sacred House – by Carolyn Hillyer
  • Belonging – by Toko-pa Turner
  • Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore…and more

My hope is that we can be inspired together and connect with each other through sacred listening and that this will stimulate and support each of us to bloom in our creativity and spontaneity as we continue through our days and weeks.

This Circle has been working well on Wednesday mornings with a “closed” group of the same women coming regularly every week. We may have that in the evening group, or there may be an open group (people pop in and out as inspired), time will tell. 

Regardless, numbers are limited to 10 (including me) and I need to know if you plan to come so I can send you the reading and the links.

The online weekly circle on Wednesday mornings is fully subscribed. If a place comes up, I will notify you of that in my newsletter.

Payment will be on a “Pay-What-You -Can” basis- from $0- $10AUD.

Registration and expressions of interest are essential by emailing

Image: Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash