Wise Woman Gathering 19 -21 May 2023

Shadow Cycles: The shadow of the lover.

The Cave of Shadows is the residence somewhere within your psyche and body of all those disowned, disavowed roles in you. They reside- pushed into the dark as things that are fear full or provocative or unacceptable somehow. These Shadow roles push particularly hard to come out and show themselves when you are in a relationship with another- all relationships, but most especially those close intimate relationships where you become Lover (Lover is not necessarily a sexual role- but could be)

This session will focus on the woman’s phase of life which I call the Lover- she lies at the North East of the Woman’s Wheel of Life at the point between Maiden and Mother, the time of Beltaine. 

We will consider an overview of the Woman’s Wheel of Life, share and explore what Shadow means generally and in particular for the Lover in you. And finally we will explore and practice ways of understanding relationship, ways of developing mutuality where there is difference and ways of developing skilled communication.

Friday & Saturday 1.15pm

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