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Experiential Psychodrama Retreat with Annette Fisher and Katherine Howard

Spontaneity and Creativity – moving into the new. .

For people with any level of experience in psychodrama (from none to lots!). There is a payment plan option if you want to budget for it!

Spontaneity can be defined as the adequate response to a new or present situation, or an adequate and novel response to an old situation.

We are all born with spontaneity and creativity.

The last several years have thrown us all into the new. Months of lockdown, wearing masks, social distancing, working from home, social isolation, home schooling, no school for our children and separation from family and loved ones; as well as for some, loss of work and income. All this has meant a needed response of digging deep and finding new ways to be in the world. There is frustration for those who love to travel and have the freedom to move around the world.

The world we know and trust has changed. And now we are moving back into “the normal”- what does that mean for you?

Despite uncertainty and fear we have found ways to be creative with our life and at other times we have found ways to just get by. Some have found that they have learnt to be slower and more focused and have been deciding on a new approach to their life.

This workshop will focus on the range of responses the pandemic has created in our lives: and what moving “back” into “normal” might mean: some of the responses might include grief, or rage; despair, or stoicism; there may even be pleasure, excitement or curiosity. As we focus on our responses to what has been, we will also explore spontaneity and creativity and source these as we create and build on our vision for the next stage of our life.

Date: Friday 28th April – Sunday 30 April 2023
Location: Rydal Mount, Rydal NSW 2790, Australia
Fee: $595 AUD
Booking: Click here for more information and to book

Wise Women Gathering 2023

I am returning to the Wise Women Gathering again this year in May 2023. I am offering a Pre-Conference event, as well as 2 workshop sessions and a Panel Discussion.

The Cave of Shadows is the residence somewhere within your psyche and body of all those disowned, disavowed roles in you. They reside- pushed into the dark as things that are fear full or provocative or unacceptable somehow. These Shadow roles push particularly hard to come out and show themselves when you are in a relationship with another- all relationships, but most especially those close intimate relationships where you become Lover (Lover is not necessarily a sexual role- but could be)

This session will focus on the woman’s phase of life which I call the Lover- she lies at the North East of the Woman’s Wheel of Life at the point between Maiden and Mother, the time of Beltaine.

We will consider an overview of the Woman’s Wheel of Life, share and explore what Shadow means generally and in particular for the Lover in you. And finally we will explore and practice ways of understanding relationship, ways of developing mutuality where there is difference and ways of developing skilled communication.

Friday & Saturday 1.15pm

In this workshop, we will explore the Cyclic Wisdom of a Woman’s Wheel of Life, we will consider western medicine ideas about mental health diagnosis and treatment, and finally , we will evolve a way of working with Shadow Wounding and the Healing Wisdom provided by each of the 8 Sabbats around the Wheel as well as the Centre of the Wheel.

Thursday 4pm – 7pm

Learn more about this years Wise Women Gathering

Professional Development Psychodrama and Groupwork

Monthly group (approximately!) held in Katoomba for anyone who wishes to deepen relationship with their professional roles and develop skills for individual counselling and group work. 

This group is for people who work in helping, teaching, healing, health professions or who are training to offer work in these and related fields.

Contact Me to register interest

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