A year ahead of dreams come true

I find myself with little to say right now. In my cave. Which I quite like. 
Struggling with technology as I commence using a HICAPS machine. What that means is: if you see me for counselling, you will need to pay for the session in full at the time of consult by Eftpos (or you can pay the gap in cash at the time)…….. AND I can process your medicare rebate on the spot. This is one of my chief “making my life simpler” strategies as it will cut down significantly on admin time. Well- at least it will when I get used to the technology of it.
Unfortunately it will also mean a small increase in session fees at some point (maybe February) to cover the cost of the technology (and bank fees).

And I have begun in earnest to plan and write my book on Shadow Cycles – Cyclical Wisdom for Mental Health. This will weave together the threads of my learnings and experience- Western medicine, Shamanic Womancraft, Psychodrama, Goddess work and the rituals of the seasons and a broad range of counselling modalities. 
Who knows.. it may even morph into my own particular sort of counselling and groupwork training………. time will tell!
In the meantime from my cave……… I wish you all a year to come of dreams-come-true; whatever those dreams may be.

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