Where on Earth (or beyond) does creativity come from? September 2022 newsletter

Play School just finished and now Teletubbies has begun on the TV. I notice that 3 year old Aiva has abandoned the television (and her Grandma) to attempt to stuff as many soft toys as possible into her doll’s house. This got me thinking about creativity and innovation. Where on earth (or beyond) does that come from?

I know many innovators and creators and sometimes identify as one myself. I also notice now that Teletubbies speak no discernible language. What’s that about?

In any case, I attribute my creativity to my natal moon – I was born on a Day 3 Moon, which is reputed to be the most creative day of the Lunar cycle. A few days after New Moon (Day 1), it is a very potent day for going within and bringing forth juicy newness. 

And now the Teletubbies are jumping down a big hole and managing to discernably say Bye Bye. 

I guess this is topical for me (creativity, not Teletubbies) coming home from Ireland and wondering/dreaming into what I will do next?…Life wise and Callings wise. It’s Eostar soon (Spring Equinox here in the southern hemisphere) which is also a time of the birth of the new.

So there’s a few things coming that I am excited about – and more next year. Take a look at events and happenings below.

Now we have moved on to something called Moonbaby (great name) and Aiva is hungry and has decided she wants Grandma’s eggs for lunch.

Until next time…many blessings for the coming of Spring/Autumn and all things creative.

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