December 2021 New Moon Newsletter

This morning I went for a walk. Not an especially rare occurrence, but not as frequent as it “should” be (should…who created that word, seriously!!…The most guilt provoking word ever).

I went out of my front door, down the driveway and into the mist. I drank the mist in the smells and tastes and feel on my skin is so much like Ireland…and this mist in the Blue Mountains has its’ own particular taste and beauty. 

I spent a significant part of the walk admiring the creative webby work of spiders. I could duck and weave under and around a few, but some were across the path at waist height – don’t go that way!

I got to thinking – the creating of the web looks (to me) like hard work. 
But is it truly hard work when one does what one is meant to do? What one has been created to do?

And then I begun to hear in the mist (in my head…same thing) my favourite song which I think will be my funeral song (remind me to tell my children) “The Woman in the Moon” as sung by Barbra Streisand. It’s a battle cry for me…

Here are some words from the song:

I was warned as a child of thirteen
Not to act too strong
Try to look like you belong but don’t push girl
Save your time and trouble
Don’t misbehave
………Little sister, little brother
Keep on pushin’
Don’t believe a word about
Things you heard about
Askin’ too much too soon
Cause they can hold back the tide
But they can never hold the woman in the moon

Keep on pushin’ folks…to be and do whatever you have been created for.
And do this with ease and grace and passion.

And here is the link to Babs singing (in “A Star is Born” – with curly hair- the one with her and Kris Kristofferson- great soundtrack).

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