What time of day is your most creative time? – July 2021 Newsletter

Friend, what actions will you take today so that you become the ancestor of your future happiness?

(paraphrase from notes taken when listening to David Whyte in webinar)

What time of day is your most creative time? I realised some time ago that early morning was mine-which perhaps coincides with Day 3 of the New Moon-(as I write this, it is a Day 3 New Moon and also happens to be my Natal Moon). As we begin, so we continue.

Women’s Circle of Reflection and Connection

I will be holding a weekly Women’s Circle of Reflection and Connection commencing online (Zoom) from Wednesday 21st July at 7am*. These circles will be for 45 minutes and will focus on a brief reading (a poem or perhaps a short excerpt of writing which will be sent out the day or so prior to the Circle) followed by a sharing Circle.

My hope is that we can be inspired together and connect with each other through sacred listening, and that this will stimulate and support each of us to bloom in our creativity and spontaneity as we continue through our days and weeks.

Payment will be on a “pay what you can” basis- from $0- $10AUD. Registration is essential by emailing me: katherine@katherinecounselling.com

*If you can’t do 7am or would like a Circle that is not women specific, please also email me and let me know your preferred day and time and preferred composition of Circle, and I will see what I can do.

Here in the Winter of the Blue Mountains workshops are cancelled and postponed

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